To join the Indiana Wing Chun Boxing Association, one does not need to have any prior martial arts experience or be in top level physical fitness.  That is why we train, to better ourselves. One only needs to have the willingness to train hard, be loyal to the Wing Chun lineage and training, have a virtuous  honorable character and conservative moral values and be willing to live by the traditional Wing Chun rules of conduct.

This is a traditional school (Kwoon), a hard training association with a proven lineage - we are not like other martial arts associations.  We are a private membership association,  not a public access gym.   Training requires a serious commitment, physically, financially, mentally, spiritually, and time wise.   A traditional Kung Fu Teacher-Student- Class relationship is established.   Kung Fu is not only about self-defense but about striving to have an upright character.   Students who value truth, honor, strength and virtue.


Contact us at  regarding membership requirements,  an application and membership/training fees.    An appointment  will then be set up with Sifu Williams to see if the Indiana Wing Chun Boxing Association is going to be a match and you are an appropriate candidate for membership and study of  the Wing Chun Boxing system under Sifu Williams.    

 The most important aspect in deciding to study a martial art, is looking for a school and teacher that will provide the quality instruction one is searching for.   We are an elite association. Do you have what it takes?  Up for the challenge?